Ben Tew - designer - engineer


Diam Est

Digital Ornithology // February 2017
Wadden Sea Visitor Centre, Vester Vedsted, Denmark
Design Engineer, Prototyping and Detail Design
Client: Jason Bruges Studio
Photos and Video: James Medcraft

In 2014, Jason Bruges Studio, in collaboration with JAC Studios,  crafted an immersive installation capturing the essence of the National Park surrounding  Wadden Sea Visitor Centre. The installation showcasies the migration of 12 million birds and the distinctive landscape. The final segment of the exhibition, Digital Ornithology, guides visitors through a journey from exploring native birds to being fully immersed in their unique habitat and behaviors. The space positions visitors at eye level, providing a close-up experience of bird take-offs and landings, intensifying their presence. The installation, comprising 562 suspended LCD screens, symbolizes the birds' migration in a visually stunning sequence. Through a blend of projection mapping with live footage and the LCDs' light-modulating effects, the outcome is a transient yet captivating encounter.

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